Aimline ALX-Series

Digital steerable active Column-Speaker with DANTE®-Input

The AIMLINE ALX-series consist of the ALX-8 and ALX 4.0, that can be cascaded with up to 6  column units vertically and horizontally.

  • DANTE®-in- and out

  • AES-EBU input

  • Analog input

  • Multibeam-technology

  • 4”-chassis with fiberglass-membrane

  • Acoustic centre for both beams variable from the bottom to the top

  • 3-D-beam for horizontal and vertically aiming

  • Strong SPL

  • Networking over IP-protocol

  • Heavy-duty aluminium-enclosure in a slim design

A separate digital amp with its own digital signal processor drives each of the components. This technology gives the benefit of being able to aim the acoustical energy up and down the room. This avoids energy waves hitting any walls, windows, glass and other hard surfaces resulting in unwanted reflections:

The internal digital signal processor also enables a compressor, a gate, a 10-band-parametric equalizer and a delay to be placed into the audio-input path. With simple Windows-software every parameter can be set in real time. AIMLINE-ALX-speaker are completely built in Germany.